Who We Are


Frontier Friends is a 501 (c) 3 educational organization founded in 2018 by Drew Deimling, the owner and operator of The Old West Festival.  Our mission is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for underprivileged children, children who have been victims of abuse and children with life-threatening illnesses.  We want to provide them a day to relive the Old West and put a smile on their face “One Yee-haw at a time”.



Frontier Friends presents The Old West Festival, an annual hootin’ and hollerin’ good time.  The Old West Festival is a period, family friendly event that offers saloon shows, gunfight reenactments, real cowboys roping, riding and singing.  Our goal is to provide The Old West experience to 10,000 children and their families free of charge annually.  Additionally, we aim to bring the Old West Festival to the children and their families who can’t attend due to circumstances.

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Simply because we believe every child (and every family) deserves the opportunity to enjoy what The Old West Festival offers.  We make sure children, that otherwise may miss out, get to take a trip back in time, when things were simpler and spend a day with their family smiling.  The Old West Festival is all about family fun and if we can give a child in need one whole day of smiles and memories we think that is pretty important.

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“We want to provide a simple day of fun, respite and escape for children that deserve just that.”
— Drew Deimling, Founder Frontier Friends